Hockey Mangement

We help all types of hockey organizations including: clubs, camps, and tournaments efficiently manage their associations. Supporting a wide range of hockey event formats and tournament management support. We allow you to focus on the greater goals of your organization.

Database Driven

Our hockey management solution is driven by an efficient database system. This allows the administrative team to enter data for a particular tournament, season, player or team; and retrieve this information years down the road. This feature greatly reduces administrative work as this data is readily available when creating new seasons, camps or tournaments; reducing data input and avoiding duplicate entries.

Game Statistics

Our database gives you the ability to input and store all team and player statistics. Enabling you access to view trends, team rankings, player stats and more.  This information will never be lost or deleted, giving players easy access to their career statistics as they develop. One of our clients currently has 40 years of information available in our database.


This feature give users the ability to create their own customized hockey hub. After signing up, the user can follow teams, players and events; similar to a social media page. Allowing you to receive news and updates unique to your needs. Letting you quickly get the information you want.


A simple interface enables you to easily upload or edit your schedules. Giving users of your organization a quick and easy way to view an overview of upcoming events.

Responsive Design & Optimization

Our proven design supports access from a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. In addition, our pages are built with search engine optimization in mind. Enabling clients to find your page more readily in their searches.

News & Social Media

Our web design allows you to to post news and announcements to your homepage. Along with uploading and displaying documents. Both of these include social media integration through your team twitter account. Giving you the option to also tweet a link to your latest news or document upload.

Online Registration & Payment

We offer various levels of support for your registration and payment processes. You can choose to use RYNA Hockey for both online registration and payment; or, online registration only with payment at a physical location; or, handle this entirely by yourself. This is completely subjective to your needs!

Simplifying hockey management

We help teams maximize administrative performance. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your team!